Five Top Tips to Keep You Healthy on World Health Day

As today is World Health Day we’ve decided to share with you our top five tips to lead a healthy and active lifestyle:


Fruit and Veg

Eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day is one of the most commonly found pieces of advice to stay healthy and there’s good reason for it. A balanced and nutritious diet is fundamentally important to remaining fit and healthy. Five pieces can sound like a lot every day but it really doesn’t need to be. Try having a piece of fruit with your breakfast and another as a snack throughout the day. Aim for one vegetable at lunch and two with your evening meal and before you know it … job done!

Exercise More

Another simple but effective piece of advice, 30 minutes exercise per day may sound like a lot but it can easily be incorporated in to your often-busy schedule. Try parking further away from your workplace or take the stairs instead of the lift. Any short amount of exercise that you can fit in to your daily routine will help towards your total.

Get Active

Once you’ve got in to the habit of doing 30 minutes exercise as part of your daily routine, why not aim to take it up a notch by joining a gym, trying a new sport or taking advantage of the great outdoors? There are countless local gyms and sports teams throughout Swansea who are always on the lookout for new members, they are a great way to get fit and socialise at the same time. If this isn’t quite your thing then why not go for a brisk walk across the stunning Gower coast or a bit further afield in the Brecon Beacons.

Smoking and Alcohol

Everybody knows the health risks of cigarettes and alcohol and whilst we’re not suggesting you cut them all out at once, you should give some serious thought to fazing them out of your life. Of course moderate alcohol consumption is okay but with the range of ‘mocktails’ and non-alcoholic beers now available why don’t you try staying sober on your next night out? I’m sure you’ll be thanking us the following morning.

Embrace the ‘Fakeaway’

The ‘fakeaway’ is the latest craze taking the healthy eating world by storm. The Internet is awash with recipe upon recipe to create your own version of a takeaway instead of indulging in a full fat curry or a thousand inch pizza. Check out Slimming Eats list of free recipes as well as Netmums for some inspiration on how you can ditch the Saturday night takeaway for a guilt free ‘fakeaway’.