HMT Consultancy

HMT is a not for profit provider and we define ourselves through the high level of holistic care in our homes and hospitals. Operating in the care sector means we have to adapt to the continuous clinical advancements, regulatory changes and economic pressures that affect us and the people we serve. Many small and medium health and social care providers, whether secular or religious, lack the internal resources or knowledge to address these challenges though. In particular, many religious orders caring for their own members into old age face similar issues to those that we have developed best practice to deal with.

We have developed a range of sensitively delivered consultancy services in order to support this part of the social care sector. Our services are designed to support trustees, leadership teams and senior management to deliver high quality services in line with the ethos of their organisation and include:

  • Strategic reviews and business planning service viability review and development beneficiary impact assessment
  • Governance review and advice
  • Change management performance benchmarking clinical review and advice
  • Consultancy advice and guidance research and advice on interpreting and understanding policy
  • Regulatory compliance review and advice

In the time we have been serving the sector, we have yet to see two hospitals or homes with the same problems. As a result, practical solutions to those problems vary a great deal. This is why HMT will only make recommendations after considering the unique needs of our client and the likely implications of our chosen interventions. We do everything we can to guide owners and non-executive boards on the policies they need to fulfil their individual ethos and philosophy.

We charge for our services on a “charity to charity “ basis and are always happy to explore solutions on a no obligation basis. For further information call 020 7222 1177 or email

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