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HMT Partner with Parkinson’s UK

HMT St Hughs is pleased to announce its partnership with Parkinson’s UK as it’s next funding and research project.

The Healthcare Management Trust (HMT) have pledged £33,300 to the charity which will see funding used to research a development of a new blood test, which could be used to predict, diagnose and monitor Parkinson’s dementia.

Funding research is a core part of HMT’s work, currently there is a focus on dementia with HMT’s latest funding project being with Stirling University. This research looked at reducing the risk of falls in dementia patients and furthermore helping to understand the effect and help to improve sleep deprivation in the care home setting.

It is estimated 50-80 percent of people with Parkinson’s will develop Parkinson’s dementia as the disease progresses. There is roughly a ten-year period between being diagnosed with Parkinson’s and then developing dementia.

The work of this new partnership will aim to improve the understanding of dementia in Parkinson’s and furthermore establish why some people develop dementia earlier on than others. The overall aim of the research is to find ways to slow down, stop and even reverse Parkinson’s dementia.

Currently this is not something which can be done so this research is vital to potentially revolutionising the way in which Parkinson’s dementia treated.

There are two forms of dementia associated with Parkinson’s disease:

  • Parkinson’s dementia is diagnosed when someone already has the movement (motor) symptoms of Parkinson’s and has had them for some time.
  • Dementia with Lewy bodies is diagnosed when someone has the symptoms of dementia either before or at the same time as they develop Parkinson’s.

It is estimated that there are 2,203 people with dementia in the North East Lincolnshire alone and this number is on the rise as people are living longer. The aim of this research is to improve the quality of life and treatment available those living with Parkinson’s dementia.

You can read all about our past funding projects here and we will continue to update on our work with Parkinson’s UK via our news page.