HMT Supports NOAH for Charity of the Year Nomination

The Healthcare Management Trust (HMT) is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the local community, which is why we continually support various sporting events sporting events and health seminars. We also work with Daughters of Charity, who are an international community of Catholic women who care for broken and disadvantaged individuals.

We are delighted to announce NOAH (New Opportunies and Horizons) Enterprise, a Vincentian Charity inspired by a Daughter of Charity, is competition to be London Luton Airport’s Charity of the Year for the next two years, along five contenders.

The Bedfordshire-based charity strives to help disadvantaged members of the community who are facing severe crisis – many of whom have fallen into extreme poverty or are socially excluded. NOAH strives to help people by providing food, clothing, medical and dental care, mental health support and income support. In addition, the charity aims to provide those who have been long-term unemployed with work experience placements, and offer the opportunity for people to embark on training courses for basic, life and vocational skills.

In 2014, NOAH Enterprise supported 1,200 people, helped 250 people off the streets and trained over 300 people for a variety of skills – all the while maintaining the dignity and self-worth of each individual.

We therefore encourage you to vote for NOAH Enterprise for the London Luton Airport Charity of the Year, so the valuable organisation can continue to change the lives of those who need their help.

NOAH Enterprise is desperately attempting to raise funds to build a new Welfare Centre so they can continue with their charity work – and your vote could help them do just that.

You can find out more about NOAH Enterprise and the other charitable contenders when you click here. It takes just a second to vote for an organisation, but the impact the award will have on a charity could last a lifetime.