Nutrition Seminar Whets the Appetite for Success at St Hugh’s

Dr Mayur Ranchordas, Senior Lecturer and Sport Nutrition Consultant at Sheffield Hallam University, recently delivered an informative seminar about the part that nutrition plays in our everyday and sporting activity.


More than 50 hospital staff and members of the public including powerlifters, ironman participants, triathletes and cyclists attended the event at St Andrew’s Hospice, just across the road from St Hugh’s.


During the session guests were invited to write down any questions they had about different areas of nutrition, which Dr Ranchordas went on to answer throughout the evening.


His three main topics were hydration, diet and exercise and his presentation provided information on the right mix of carbohydrates and protein, portion sizes and metabolic rates.


Members of the audience were also keen to hear more about hydration and nutrition tips during and following exercise and schedules for training.


Gary Allington, Health Promotion Officer at HMT St Hugh’s, said: “The session with Dr Ranchordas was exceptional. His depth of knowledge and passion for his work is infectious and I learnt so much.


“Mayur has worked with clubs in the Premier League and at the English Institute of Sport where he supported world champions and Olympic gold medalists, so he knows how nutrition can support athletes during training and competitions.


“There were lots of people in the room representing different sports and activities, but everyone went away having gained some new knowledge.”


Also in attendance was Hannah Carr who has won a free place in the Great Grimsby 10K thanks to support from St Hugh’s.


Hannah won a Facebook competition to secure her place and among other prizes she will also receive a one-to-one nutrition session with Dr Ranchordas to help her plan for the event on Sunday 30th July.


St Hugh’s staff member Angela Breeze said: “The session was very good, I really enjoyed listening to Mayur. He’s a very clever and interesting man.


“One question which I found particularly interesting was why your weight can sometimes plateau despite a strict diet and increased exercise. Mayur explained that that body adjusts its metabolic rate depending on how much you eat and move and losing weight slows down your metabolism.


“He said that it is still possible to lose weight, but knowing more about the hormonal adaptations that stand in the way of weight loss can help you plan more effectively to combat them and not give up.”


St Hugh’s Hospital is hoping to host another nutrition session in the future. If you are interested in attending please like the Facebook page and lookout for event announcements.