Q&A with HMT St Hugh’s Hospital Theatre Manager

Here at HMT St Hugh’s Hospital, we strive to give our patients the best possible care which is why we employ only the best clinical staff across the board.

From receptionists to consultants and registered nurses, HMT St Hugh’s offers a diverse selection of career opportunities. As a hospital, we continue to develop and expand which means we are constantly on the lookout for experienced and talented staff to join our busy team.

Susan Wilson joined St Hugh’s Hospitals just one week ago as our new Theatre Manager, here Susan will manage the team and make some changes to improve the quality of care for pre, post and during theatre. We recently caught up with Susan to find out how she is getting on in the role, what changes she is hoping to make and aiding in the development of St Hugh’s Hospital.

What attracted you to this role at HMT St Hugh’s?

I was attracted by the vision of change at St Hugh’s. It is clear the hospital is on the cusp of change both to maintain the high quality of care but also the growth of the hospital. The opportunity to expand services and physically develop the site are backed up by a tangible business case and solid employee support. I am confident that the management team support ideas and I have a real opportunity to help develop my team in theatre. It’s genuinely an exciting time to join the hospital.

How would you like to see the Operating Department develop under your management?

Susan Wilson - St Hugh's Hospital

Susan Wilson – Theatre Manager

We have a great team of staff across the hospital and the Operating Department is no exception. I’m working closely with our Hospital Director to further develop the skills and competencies of our existing team and attract motivated staff to join the workforce. We have opportunities for theatre staff to work across a broad range of services in the hospital with real support. The training and development budget has doubled under our new Hospital Director and will double again next year as staff development plays a key part of our strategy.

We have two state of the art laminar air flow theatres, with capacity for further utilisation, creating further potential to bring additional specialities to the hospital. Plans for a day case unit would see patient throughput at St Hugh’s increase considerably, this is one of the priority projects for us. Increased operating hours will bring further flexibility to the working hours of staff, which I hope will further add to the attraction for motivated staff wanting to join our team.

What kind of training will you like to implement to ensure a smooth running of the theatre?

Clearly, we ensure all staff have their core competencies in place and we provide exposure and training alongside our consultants for theatre staff to broaden their experience. Whether it is newly qualified staff starting their career within a high performing hospital or more experienced staff becoming more specialist or moving into management roles there is a culture to support continuous development.

I am looking at programmes to support Assistant ATP training, expand our in-house training, attract students and newly qualified support workers and nurses.

Are there any projects you are hoping to get started soon?

The pace of change at St Hugh’s is fast and the management team have already supported proposals to improve processes around the patient pathway. St Hugh’s has a long-standing reputation as providing exceptional care and it’s clear to see why. The team is constantly striving to improve, in addition to myself, the hospital has recently recruited a Quality & Improvement Manager and an ANP. The clinical leadership here is as strong as I’ve seen, so I’m confident we’ll see a number of these projects come to fruition very soon.

You have been in the role for just over a week now, how have you found it so far?

The feel of St Hugh’s is very welcoming. Having undergone recent refurbishment there is a sense of newness to the hospital. But really it is the small things that make a difference, the staff are friendly, we have free parking, a fantastic on-site kitchen, perks like free fresh coffee to start the day all make it a great place to be. Some of the staff have worked with St Hugh’s as long as the building has been standing, to me that speaks volumes.

Do you have any advice for those hoping to pursue a career at HMT St Hugh’s?

Yes – St Hugh’s is a dynamic forward thinking hospital, making it ideal for nurses wishing to develop in a supported learning environment.  For experienced nurses, it allows balance to enhance existing skills and to participate in projects.

We are currently recruiting for a number of theatre positions, if you’re experienced and hardworking, please head to our vacancies page for information packs and details of how to apply.