At HMT Sancta Maria we work with the UK’s leading consultants to provide a full range of healthcare services including:

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Orthopaedic
  • ENT
  • General surgery

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HMT Sancta Maria Services

At HMT Sancta Maria, we work with the UK’s leading consultants to provide a full range of healthcare services including



HMT Sancta Maria aims to set the standard for healthcare. We offer a range of medical procedures that are delivered by the UK’s leading consultants.

Procedures performed at Sancta Maria

NHS Referals

NHS Referrals

Learn more about the NHS Referrals service at HMT Sancta Maria. Our not for profit hospital accepts private insured, NHS and self-paying patients.

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Dementia Research

Community work

HMT is dedicated to improving the health of the local community. Find out more about many of the events, sporting teams and research projects we support.

Sancta Maria’s work in the community

Upcoming Events


Saturday September 17th 2016

Cleethorpes Cycle Fest

HMT is delighted to support the Cleethorpes Cycle Fest, which will take place on 17th September 2017.

Monsal Hill Climb

Sunday October 2nd 2016

Monsal Hill Climb

HMT is proud to support the Monsal Hill Climb that is open to novice and professional riders, which therefore encourages the public to pick up a bike and race against elite cyclists.


Sunday October 23rd 2016

Wear it Pink 2016

HMT is proud to support wear it pink. Our staff will participate in the fundraising event on 23rd October 2016 to raise money for breast cancer research.

Latest news from Sancta Maria

An Informative Guide to Eczema

25th August 2016

Eczema is a term for a group of medical conditions which cause the skin to become inflamed or irritated.The condition can very from person to person and can be particularly irritating and sore if continually itched.

How to Prepare for a Community Cycling Event

23rd August 2016

Community cycling events are great fun but there are a few things which you can look forward to when taking part in a community cycling event but you do need to ensure you properly prepare so you can get the most out of the day.

Four Signs You May Need a Hip Replacement

18th August 2016

Hip replacement surgery is the procedure of removing a painful hip joint, from being unable to play with your grandchildren to struggling to make it up the stairs in one go; there are a few tell-tale signs you may need a hip replacement.

Rio Olympics: The Best Activities for Kids

15th August 2016

From watching the Olympics, youngsters are inspired by new heroes and encouraged to take up new sports and activities. This is something which we only want to further encourage and why we’ve come up with the best activates for kids.