The Healthcare Management Trust:

  • is a registered charity
  • operates two not for profit hospitals
  • lease operates three care homes
  • funds health research projects
  • promotes community health

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Not for profit

HMT Hospitals operate on a not-for-profit basis which means that unlike other independent hospitals we do not pay dividends to shareholders, rather we invest our surplus into three key areas; the development of facilities, local health promotion and funding medical research. We are committed to offering the highest standard of healthcare to our patients today and investing in a healthier community for tomorrow.

HMT Hospitals are owned and managed by The Healthcare Management Trust, which was founded in 1985 as a registered charity to provide consultancy services to healthcare providers founded by religious groups. Our aim has always been to develop and promote the services offered by associated charitable hospitals and care homes so that they can be a viable alternative to the commercial companies both now and into the future.

Our management portfolio comprises two hospitals and four care homes with a total of 314 beds

We own and operate two hospitals: HMT St Hugh’s Hospital in Grimsby and HMT Sancta Maria Hospital in Swansea.

We lease operate two care homes: Coloma Court in West Wickham (owned by the Daughters of Mary and Joseph) and Marie Louise House in Romsey (owned by the Daughters of Wisdom).
In addition, we offer an extensive range of sensitively delivered consultancy services which are designed to support Trustees, Leadership Teams and Senior Management. Lately, we have become more involved in health related research, scholarship funding and other areas of related grant-making. We have identified Dementia diagnosis, treatment and care as an area that the Trust will become increasingly active in.