The profile you probably never knew!

St. Hugh’s Hospital is different – not only is it Grimsby’s very own independent private hospital but it differs to others in the area because it is owned and managed by HMT, a charitable organisation.  HMT has recently changed its ‘H’ for Hospital to ‘H’ for Healthcare Management Trust.  It seemed more appropriate given the charity has nursing homes within its portfolio also.

Clearly being a charity brings with it an ethos of supporting the local community and whilst the business of running a hospital is essentially like any other, there are no shareholders to consider, but an interested and active board of trustees.

Private healthcare has changed considerably over the last decade and St. Hugh’s has had to change too.  There are fewer insured patients and those that do have insurance cover find themselves with many issues to consider, not least the actual cover that they are paying for.  There are so many caveats to be aware of.

The NHS has been very successful in reducing its waiting lists and therefore patients who previously chose to pay for new hips or knees are better serviced, resulting in less patients paying for such procedures.  There are other operations nowadays that are considered to be low priority and therefore do not easily get NHS funding unless patients meet the exact criteria, for example carpal tunnel operations, bunions and varicose veins.

We provide a service for NHS patients and this covers most specialities from orthopaedics, general surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, gynaecology, urology and endoscopy.

The service of NHS treatment at St. Hugh’s has been in place for several years and many patients enjoy the fact that they can choose to come to St. Hugh’s for their planned operation.  The consultants who work at St. Hugh’s are all local and have NHS posts and there are no junior medical staff.

However, nothing compares to the attention patients receive at St. Hugh’s. Whether they are admitted to our specific private wing or not we pride ourselves on the experience they encounter.

Our cosmetic surgery team provide a bespoke service and each patient enquiry from the outset is managed in a sensitive, confidential manner.  We offer free consultations each week with our cosmetic surgery sister and our consultants are available should you wish to see them.

During the year we support many good causes, this year two particular areas are with the following:

• We currently support a young football team Apollo JFC.  They wear our strip and are an enthusiastic local team of youngsters.

• We have also sponsored ‘Team Sportscover’, a cycling group of very serious Bradley Wiggins, Tour de France and Olympic hopefuls for the future.  Amongst them a Grimsby pro to be, Ben Ives!  This is a two year sponsorship and began recently with a weekend of significant preparation both medically and nutritionally.

The weekend included a series of consultations and assessments to look at the riders’ health and improve short and long term performance gains.  The weekend was captured on film which can be seen here:

Web Link:

YouTube Link:

The team is set up as a development team with support from British Cycling and top teams. The team are all expected to be in the Team Sky ranks within the next few years and we will enjoy watching their progress knowing that we have helped.

Our CEO, Tony Barrett, introduced the world of cycling and sports medicine to one of our hospitals in Sheffield and they had some very successful events and enthusiasm for the cycling teams.

We are planning a cycling event in September and are pleased to be advised that we will be joined by Ed Clancy.

It is nice to be involved in the sport world, they are so very dedicated, focused and fit!  Makes us all want to get on our bikes this summer.

Team Sportscover we are behind you all the way!