What We Believe:

• We acknowledge and value the ethos and mission of the founders of HMT, our Homes and our Hospitals; we will ensure that these principles continue to be at the heart of our work.

• We respect all faiths and believe that there is a special pastoral dimension in caring for others which involves a combination of spiritual, emotional, physical and ethical elements.

• We believe in the sanctity of life and the need for dignity at its end.

• We acknowledge the physical, mental and social vulnerabilities our residents and patients may experience and the absolute responsibility placed upon us to safeguard them at all times.

• We recognise each resident and patient, their families and friends, as unique individuals and we place them at the centre of everything we do and seek to achieve.

• We treat and care for each resident and patient, their families, friends and our colleagues with the respect and dignity we ourselves would expect to receive.

• We respect and protect our residents’ and patients’ confidentiality.

• We involve each resident and patient, their family and carers in decision making and planning.  With regard to their care, we are always open and realistic.

• The settings in which we provide care represent the homes of our residents and patients, and we respect this.

• Profit generation is not the aim of HMT.  However, our charges must be justifiable and sufficient to deliver a high quality of care.  To do this, we need to invest in our buildings, equipment, organisation and staff.

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