Tummy Tuck Surgery at HMT

An abdominoplasty, or as its more commonly known, a tummy tuck, is a popular procedure which aims to improve the shape of the abdomen.The surgery involves removing fat and excess skin around the stomach which can’t be achieved through exercise.

Obesity Awareness Week: The Dangers of Obesity

Obesity Awareness Week is an annual awareness week which takes place from the 9-15th January 2017. The campaign, JanUary, aims to create awareness around the health issue of obesity and encourages people to look after themselves.

The Facts About Bone Fractures

A bone fracture is a medical term for a bone breakage, the average number of breaks throughout someone lifetime is two, our bones have a certain level of bend in them but if they are put under too much pressure, they may snap, resulting in a bone breakage.

The Health Benefits of Dry January

Alcohol Concern’s Dry January has been running for five years now and last year one in six people in the UK took part. Many people enjoy a drink or two without any problems, but binge drinking and long-term heavy drinking can be very dangerous and problematic.