About the Home

Coloma Court is a 68 bedroom care home where we providing nursing and residential care. We are extremely proud of the care that HMT Hospitals provide here, recognising the unique value of every person who stays with us. We do everything we can to meet the needs of residents in our home and we do it with a dedication and compassion that is second to none.

Coloma Court is the result of a long-standing, successful collaboration between two charities, each with strong concerns for social welfare, The Daughters of Mary and Joseph and The Healthcare Management Trust (HMT).

The Daughters of Mary and Joseph is a Roman-Catholic Congregation which has been closely involved in education, health and social welfare in England since 1869. Rooted in Christian values, their motto is ‘to be instruments of mercy in the hand of God’. Healthcare Management Trust (HMT) was founded in 1985 to develop and promote the services offered by associated charitable hospitals and care homes, the charity is registered by the Care Quality Commission to provide nursing and dementia care for the elderly.

We developed Coloma Court as a partnership between the two charities. Together we have created a home with good, traditional values combined with the up-to-date features needed to meet expectations for long-term care of the elderly.

Personalised care within the home

At Coloma Court we provide the very best quality in care to each and every one of our residents. Our aim at Coloma Court is to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all residents. Achieving that aim involves working with each resident to provide care in ways that suit them. In the home we encourage residents participate in the varied and interesting schedule of activities we provide to appeal to a range of different interests.

The care we provide at Coloma Court is intuitive and sensitive to the ever-changing needs of the residents. We work hard to ensure that our residents’ quality of life is enhanced through a stay that is  is as homely and comfortable as possible at all times.

A beautiful place to live

From the moment you enter Coloma Court, you can feel the sense of tranquility, making it a place where residents and their families quickly feel at ease. Our building is beautifully designed to provide the perfect caring environment for our residents with plenty of space and lots of light.

The wonderful place we have created allows us the flexibility and freedom to care for every resident according to their individual needs. In addition to the building, many of the residents are able to enjoy the freedom and beauty of the gardens.

All are welcome at Coloma Court

When you enter Coloma Court for the first time, you can feel the sense of serenity and calm that is characteristic of life there. All of the staff there help to make sure that people quickly consider Coloma Court their home. Many residents are able to come and go from the home as they wish, enjoying the freedom of the gardens and the local town centre.