Competition Winner Visits Sancta Maria for Free Podiatry Consultation

In June we held a competition in partnership with the JCP Swansea Half Marathon to give one runner a free consultation at our new Podiatry clinic with Tom Cooper.

That winner was Lindsey Williams from Llandeilo who had been experiencing pain in both her shin and toe.

Tom Cooper, Podiatrist at Sancta Maria said: “It was great to have Lindsey in for her consultation. She had been struggling with some pain in her shin and in her toe and I was able to advise her on how to deal with this. I looked at her footwear and was able to talk through some more suitable options as well as giving her advice on how to begin exercising gradually to minimise the risk to further injury.”

After her consultation Lindsey commented: “Tom advised me to change my footwear and choose a more suitable pair of trainers that have better support. He also told me to rest up my injuries and gradually build my fitness back up rather than going straight back in to exercise after I’ve been experiencing pain.

“The information I received from Tom was great and he really helped me to understand my injuries. I have already begun the search for new trainers.

“It was my first visit to Sancta Maria, I found it to be a very welcoming and friendly hospital and all of the staff that I had any interaction with were very professional. I would definitely recommend the hospital and the Podiatry clinic to my family and friends.”

Beci Jones, Business Manager at Sancta Maria, said: “We are always looking to implement new services at the hospital and our brand new Podiatry clinic is an example of this. As we look to continually improve and grow Sancta Maria we hope to continue to develop our offering of services to the public.”

Podiatry is the treatment of conditions that affect the feet, ankles and lower extremities, and treats these conditions through a wide range of non-invasive procedures and practices.

To book a consultation at our new Podiatry clinic, contact reception on 01792 479 040.