The Sisters

Our founders, The Daughters of Wisdom are as much a part of the home as they ever were. They provide pastoral care for residents, their families, friends and staff. They are regular, friendly faces around the place and they bring a real feeling of calm and tranquillity to home.

Marie Louise House is a Catholic foundation which regards spiritual welfare to be equally important to physical care. However, no religious commitment is required from our residents.

An independent pastoral care Sister from the local community of Sisters is available for all residents to discuss any matter they wish. All residents and visitors are welcome to attend our Roman Catholic services.

Our foundations are Roman Catholic, but our home is open to clergy and representatives of all religions. They are always welcome to the home and visits by a Minister of alternative faiths can easily be arranged.



“There are a lot of people  who need a little company and I am able to do it. That is what I love. I have an apostolate. The Lord is using me for something and while ever He has a use for me, I am happy to be here.”