Dementia Care

In our care home at Coloma Court we have a separate and dedicated specialised dementia care area. Residents with dementia have specialised needs including dedicated closer supervision. Our care home has been purpose built to provide care for residents with the highly specialised nursing needs that arise because of their condition.

The dementia care are is a wonderful suite – specifically designed by our Dementia care specialists. From the layout of the unit, to the multi-sensory garden, it offers stimulation, comfort, familiarity and reassurance to those living with Dementia.

We select all of our staff within the dementia care area for their knowledge and understanding of dementia. They’re able to help residents through every day because of the care and compassion they combine with their expertise. By using a range of specialist techniques, our staff are trained to inspire moments of happiness and also able to reassure when the residents are confused.

Discover our Dementia Care at Coloma Court

Recent research suggests the right therapy can have a beneficial effect on the progress of memory loss, especially if diagnosed and treated early. We’d love to invite you to come in and chat to us about it if you are at all concerned about a member of your family, . You can find out how to contact Coloma Court directly by clicking here