Funding research is one of the major charitable objectives of HMT.  We carefully select scientific and social research programmes that will have a positive impact within our areas of care. By partnering national charities and universities we are funding a growing programme of projects. The current focus of our work is on dementia diagnosis, treatment and care. Please click on the links below to learn more.

‘Funding research is seen by HMT Trustees as a core part of the charity’s work. These projects form part of a portfolio of research projects designed to improve the quality of life and treatment of people with dementia and the Trust is proud to support them.’ Paul Steele, HMT Chair of the Trustees.

Fronto Temporal Dementia

Fronto-temporal dementia

HMT is funding new research at University College London to examine behavioural symptoms in a leading cause of dementia in the under 65’s. The funding, in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society, will allow a PhD student – under the supervision of Professor Nick Fox, a leading expert – to explore the behavioural symptoms common to fronto-temporal dementia. Learn more…

Sleep Disturbance

Sleep disturbance

King’s College London are undertaking research to understand the prevalence of sleep disturbance for people with dementia living in care homes. Through this work they’re developing a night-time care programme to reduce the impact of this symptom on the lives of sufferers. The project HMT is supporting will allow a PhD student under the supervision of leading expert Dr Anne Corbett to conduct the research over the next three years. Learn more…

Reducing Falls

Reducing falls

Alongside the Alzheimer’s Society, HMT is supporting a project aimed at reducing the risk of falls for adults with a mild cognitive impairment. The project will be delivered through a 3 year clinical training fellowship at Nottingham University Hospital’s NHS Trust by Victoria Booth, a Senior Physiotherapist. Learn more…