Go-Ride Racing Teaches Cycling Safety to Young Riders

Go-Ride Racing, North East Lincolnshire’s Lindsey Go-Ride team for ages four to 16, has been offered an opportunity to learn technical skills on a bike, which they will later use on a race-track.

Children as young as four years old will now go head-to-head in a series of cycle races, with the aim of raising awareness of the dangers of cycling. Not only will the children learn important bicycle skills, but they will become increasingly aware of the risks involved when riding a bike.

As the young riders will race against one another, within close proximity, they will build an awareness of speed and confidence when cycling within a confined space.

Three instalments of Go Ride Racing have taken place at the Oasis Academy, Wintringham, over the course of the summer, and the fourth and final instalment is scheduled to take place in September 2015. The aim of the races is to encourage young riders to cycle safely in the future.

Andy Cass was happy to bring his two children, Megan, 11, and Oliver, 9, to the instalments, with the hope they will developing his children’s confidence.

Mr Cass recently told the Grimsby Telegraph: “It’s the first time the both of them have competed in a race; they’ve done basic skills, as well which they’ve both enjoyed. It’s good for their confidence because when you’re riding in a bunch, it enables you to develop skills and awareness you can use when around cars on the road.

David Evans, a Go-Ride Racing coach, added: “It’s been a fabulous session today. We’ve had quite a few new faces come along as well, which is excellent. It’s great to see how they’ve mingled in with other riders. It’s a lovely reward to see them progress and do well. They aren’t just progressing technically, but their confidence is coming along nicely, too.”

We here at HMT St Hugh’s Hospital are proud to support Go-Ride Racing, who offer valuable cycling skills to young people, whilst encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. The new instalment is a fantastic way of teaching children the cycling dangers, which will boost their awareness of road safety.

We recently highlighted the importance of cycling safety on our roads, following the hit-and-run accident that left Polypipe Cycling Team’s Dean Downing with significant injuries. Read the article here.

The final instalment of Go-Ride Race will be held at Oasis Academy on Saturday 12th September 2015. For more information on the event, contact info@nellindseygoride.co.uk