HMT Supports the Dementia International Conference 2015

Later this week The Salford Institute for Human Rights and Dementia International Conference takes place in Salford, Manchester.

The two-day conference, which starts on Thursday 10th September, will highlight what progress has been made so far and what policies are in place to meet the government’s Dementia Challenge.

Chairs and Speakers at the conference include the UK’s National Clinical Director for Dementia, Professor Alistair Burns, Ambassador of the Alzheimer’s Society, Ann Johnson and Chair of the Mental Health Act Commission, Lord Kamlesh Patel of Bradford as well as many more. Fellow researchers, adult services managers, head of commissioning and health professionals from care homes to hospices and local government as well as those across the private and voluntary health sector will be in attendance.

The main objectives of the conference are to explore the international research and practices in developing and maintaining the human rights of those living with dementia. Explaining and debating the current human rights law and how this affects dementia patients. Case studies will be presented to enhance the diagnosis of dementia, creating a community which is rife with information and support for dementia patients. The conference will further aim to commission effective dementia services in line with the Dementia Challenge objectives.

HMT has a long history of funding research into dementia and all that is associated with it, HMT has recently pledged £299,866 to the Stirling University research program which is based in Scotland. This will go towards testing and developing different interventions to support the physical activity which goes on within care homes. This research aims to improve the level of care and quality of life, develop activities and procedures with staff that can help to support physical activity for those living with dementia.

HMT will have a stand at the Human Rights and Dementia International Conference in Salford to promote and inform on the work it is doing with Stirling University and the current progression of research.

As the number of people living with dementia increases, there is more reliance on the government to improve on many different areas including care, awareness, funding and research with the overall goal of improving the lives of dementia patients. The conference, which takes place yearly is an important event as it brings together dementia workers and researchers from all over the world with the universal goal of improving care and treatment.

The conference starts on Thursday 10th September and runs until Friday 11th 2015 at the University of Salford and is open from 9am. Tickets are still available if you wish to attend from the University of Salford’s website where there are still spaces available for posters and abstracts.