Professional athletes and Olympians demand the highest level of medical care to ensure they maintain peak physical condition and make the swiftest possible recovery should they suffer injury. That’s why Rapha Condor have continued to partner HMT Hospitals as their healthcare partner.

JLT Condor (formerly Rapha Condor) are the UK’s highest ranking UCI British Continental cycling team and despite a series of crash related injuries boasted wins in five continents during the 2014, in part thanks to riders returning to racing quickly as a result of HMT Hospitals services.

Team manager John Herety commented: “We will be targeting both the domestic calendar, which is gradually strengthening year-on-year, as well as international stage races, like the Tour of Normandy and the Tour of Korea, where we have enjoyed success in the past.”

“We have retained double Olympic champion Ed Clancy, and former National Road Race Champion Kristian House, along with a core group of riders that we have been developing for years. I expect that as our riders continue to progress next year we will see even more impressive results.”

We have worked with HMT Hospitals for the past seven years and it has proven to be an invaluable part of our preparation to the racing season. Each year our riders will visit either St Hugh’s or Sancta Maria to undergo a battery of tests with team doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionalists and nurses. This helps us really understand the physiology of each rider.

Crashes are unfortunately a part of racing, the support provided by HMT means a riders recovery time is cut dramatically. Take for example a broken collar bone, a common injury in cycling; by providing rapid access to surgery a rider can be pinned and on the road to recovery within 48 hours of an injury which can literally save their season. We have found that our riders have been reassured by their access to leading facilities and some of the UK’s best consultants, and the simple things like being in a comfortable environment and having good food really helps them relax and focus on healing.


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