Our people

There are many people that make Marie Louise House a home, including care staff, kitchen staff, maintenance and the Sisters. The most important thing is the sense of pride that everyone feels, for the home and the care that we deliver in it. The staff are professional, the setting is beautiful – it really is a wonderful place to be.

Really is a wonderful home

As one of the Sister says, “Marie Louise House really is a wonderful place to be,” and this shows in the way that staff approach their work. Many of our team have worked at the home for years and it is a huge part of their lives. This means that they are as much a part of daily life as the residents and their families. This is reflected in how the residents are looked after and the ambience of the centre.

“Marie Louise House is a home dedicated to the residents. We have a caring and respectful team, from the nurses through to the housekeeping staff. Most of our staff have worked here for a very long time.”
Matron Manager


Nursing Staff

The nursing staff
The nursing staff at Marie Louise House are one of the main points of contact for residents and their families.

We are extremely proud of the quality of care that they provide and the friendly, warm way that they deliver it.

The structure of the home
Within the home there are three different wings. Nightingale, Kingfisher and Skylark. These are overseen by the Matron Manager and the Head of Care. They, along with the trained nurses are responsible for the day to day running of the home. It is their role to manage the care of the residents supported by a team of qualified care staff. There are always plenty of staff on hand to deal with our residents needs.

Staff recruitment and training
Many of our staff have been with us for many years. They are a confident, happy and dedicated team. So when we recruit it is important to that we keep the same high standards. All staff are screened before they start their post and all references are fully checked. Professional qualifications of nursing staff are important, but we also consider their approach to the role, their reliability, honesty, integrity and friendliness. It’s important that they fit into the home.

In addition, we believe in the importance of training to keep our standards high and our knowledge relevant to the role. This is why our all staff receive regular training in line with the latest developments and guidance in care practices to Essential Standards of Quality and Safety and the National Service Framework.

Support Staff

Support staff
The nursing and care staff are just one part of the home and care within it, our support staff play an equally vital role. From administration and catering, to housekeeping, laundry and maintenance, each has an important part to play in daily life. Kitchen staff provide the very best nutrition in their home cooked meals. Housekeeping provide the very highest standards of cleanliness and care.

Recruitment and training
Many of our staff stay with us for years, but every now and again we need to recruit. It is a very important process in the home as we are always keen to find members that fit well within the existing team. As with the nursing staff, reliability, honesty, integrity, friendliness and professionalism are all qualities we look for when recruiting support staff. Prospective employees are screened by the Disclosure and Barring Service and references thoroughly checked before they start. We also have a very comprehensive induction plan to ensure that when new members start, they hit the ground running. All staff receive regular training in moving & handling, food safety, health & safety, first aid, fire safety, and Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults.

“The staff are carefully selected, they are people who have the right approach. We are very lucky with the staff that we have here at Marie Louise and I’m pleased to say that our staff retention here is fantastic.”

Jo Croft, Matron Manager