Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Myths

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Myths Debunked

Making the decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure is one which shouldn’t be taken lightly. As with all medical procedures you’re expected to do your research but with research comes a minefield of myths and false truths.

Plastic surgery is one of those things which is surrounded by scary myths, but it’s extremely important to separate fact from fiction so you can get rid of any unnecessary worrying or premeditations before you undergo a plastic surgery procedure.

We’ve highlighted the top plastic surgery myths and are setting them straight.

Plastic surgery is the same as cosmetic surgery

This is a common misconception, but plastic surgery is different to cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery’s main aim is to restore damaged tissue and skin back to normal following an illness, injury, previous surgery or abnormality from birth. These including removing cancerous tissues, restoration of a cleft lip or treating excessive or extensive burns.

Cosmetic surgery differs from plastic surgery because cosmetics is solely carried out to change one’s appearance in order to make a healthy person achieve a more desirable look.

All surgery leaves scars

With all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, scarring is inevitable but this doesn’t mean that they won’t fade or that they’ll be there forever.

A skilled plastic surgeon will know how to make scars look better, more refined and smaller. Over time, scars will reduce in appearance as they heal but it’s recommended that you leave the scar to heal naturally before trying any creams or oils.

Cosmetic surgery is only for women

This is increasingly untrue.

Male cosmetic procedures accounted for 9% of all surgery performed in 2015 (BAAPS), with the most popular being blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty (nose surgery), and gynecomastia (male breast reduction).

The number of men opting for cosmetic surgery has almost doubled in a decade and is thought to be down to wider acceptance and a change in men’s fashion style.

Cosmetic Surgery Myths

It’s all about beauty and vanity

There are a large number of reason why people choose to undergo cosmetic and plastic surgery and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all about vanity.

There are lots of different things men and women do to feel more confident about themselves, whether it’s wearing make-up, having a tan or undergoing cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a more permanent solution but if that is what makes someone happy and more confident, then it isn’t always about vanity.

Plastic surgery can furthermore fix problems left my illness, injury or which have been around since birth. But it’s very important to understand why you’re wanting to undergo surgery and establishing if it will make you feel better.

Breast Augmentation is a one-time procedure

No one should undergo a breast augmentation under the impression that it is a lifetime or one-time procedure. There are a large number of reasons you may need to have a secondary procedure; to change the size of the implant, to correct the effects of pregnancy on the breasts, hardening of the breast tissue and leaking of the implant. No one can guarantee the life cycle of an implant but it’s always extremely important to opt for the best quality implant.

Cosmetic surgery will solve all of your problems

It’s often thought that if you’re unhappy, undergoing cosmetic surgery will make you happy and fix your problems. Now, this may be true if your only concern is aesthetics however if the problem is deeper, and it affects you mentally, cosmetic surgery may not be the answer.

When you’re having a consultation, your surgeon should ask you specific questions to establish the reasons for having cosmetic surgery and if the procedure will help.

You won’t be able to sunbath again

This is a tricky one because you are advised to not expose your incision or scar to direct sunlight when sunbathing for at least a year following surgery. This is due to the tissue being very sensitive and the UV rays of the sun can burn and darken the scar, having a more permanent effect.

However, once this time period has passed and the scar has healed you should be able to expose your scar such as the rest of your skin. But it is very important to limit your sun exposure as it is very damaging and you are strongly advised to wear sun protection at all times.

Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Undergoing any kind of cosmetic or plastic surgery is a big decision to make and should be thoroughly thought about and researched. You should have a number of consultations with your GP or surgeon to establish if it is the right decision for you and to help them to understand exactly what you’re hoping to get from the surgery.

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