Pontefract Cycle Fest

Pontefract Cycle Fest

Sunday 12th June 2016

As part of HMT’s health initiative, St Hugh’s Hospital is supporting the third edition of the Pontefract Cycle Fest, which will take place on Sunday 12th June 2016 at Pontefract Town Centre.

A superb day of cycling can be enjoyed by all, as amateur and junior cyclists have the opportunity to ride on the same closed road circuit that the experienced racers who will compete later in the day. The action-packed event has been organised in partnership with BBM Revolution Cycling Club, British Cycling and Wakefield Council. D.M. Keith Skoda, the suppliers of the HMT GP Liaison vehicles and the HMT Academy team car, will also be in attendance.

Our aim is to promote health and well-being in the community we operate, and we are delighted to support this thrilling day of cycling, which not only welcomes some of the finest cyclists in the country, but encourages youth and amateur cyclists to hop on a bike.

The aim of this unique sporting opportunity is to inspire youths to achieve their cycling potential and, as a result, will help develop the professional cyclists of tomorrow.

At 10am, the road will close and the circuit will open to leisure cyclists. The event will begin with two youth races, which will take place at 11am, and children under the age of 14 can enter. NEL Go Ride, who are also sponsored by HMT, are set to compete in the youth race.

At 12.30pm, the Women’s 234 Race will start, followed by the Men’s 234 race – for under-18s and members of local clubs – at 1.30pm. For those who want to watch the professionals in action, the Men’s Elite race will start at 2.45pm, before a presentation at approximately 3.45pm. The road will re-open at 4pm.

The routes will start on Market Place and will lead onto Valley Road, Southgate, Ropergate and will loop back to the town centre via Shoemarket, Salter Row and Woolmarket.

Take look at the approximate Pontefract Grand Prix 2016 guide:

10am – All roads will close

11am – Youth Races

12.30pm – Women’s 234 Race

1.30pm – Men’s 234 Races

2.45pm – Men’s Elite Race

3.45pm – Final Presentations

4pm – Road to re-open

For more information on the event, visit the Pontefract Cycle Fest Website: http://goodtogreat.cc/pontefract-grand-prix/

Please note: this schedule is subject to change

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