Making a Complaint



At St Hugh’s Hospital, our aim is to provide first class private independent healthcare for the local community in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment.

Despite our stringent efforts to ensure that every patient has a positive experience, there will be occasions when patients or visitors may be unhappy with some aspect of their care or the environment.

In the first instance, if you are unhappy with any aspect of your care, please speak to any member of staff and they will try to resolve your concern immediately.

If you do not feel that your concern has been adequately addressed and you wish to make a formal complaint please speak or write to the Hospital Director.

You can expect your written complaint to be acknowledged within two working days with a full response to follow within twenty working days. If the full response is likely to be delayed, for legitimate reasons, beyond the twentieth working day, you will be kept informed by letter, detailing the reason for the delay.

We will endeavour to answer all complaints in a confidential but open and honest way. We will embrace the opportunity to listen to the complainant, rectify the problem, reduce the likelihood of future occurrence and ensure we learn from the experience. We will provide you with a full written response which will address all the matters which you raise.

If you remain dissatisfied with the hospital’s efforts to resolve your complaint then you may, within twenty working days of receiving the full response, direct your complaint to:

The Executive Director
The Healthcare Management Trust
14 Queen Anne’s Gate

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